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Military and Overseas Security Contractor Take Priority.

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LeRoy hammer drawing on anvil


Dates for Workshop:

May 8-10,2020 Cancelled money will be refunded to those who were scheduled to do this workshop. We will keep the September dates.

September 18-20, 2020

Request a Brochure

The workshops will depend on registration whether it is a beginning or intermediate class (intermediate requires some prior experience).

The cost of the workshop is $350.00.  If you bring your own equipment, $300.00.  A $100.00 deposit must accompany your application.  If the class does not fill, your deposit will be refunded.  All coal and steel will be furnished. 

The beginning workshop will cover :

- Introductory Historical Overview and Film
- Tools needed
- Coal, Coke and other fuels
- Steels: High carbon, Mild steel, Black iron
- Starting a fire
- Drawing out, Upsetting
- Curling, Splitting, Hot punching
- Hooks, Staples
- Nail making, Bolts, Rivets
- Pokers, Shovels, Utensils & various handles
- Latches & Hinges, Door knockers
- Tongs
- Forge welding of mild steel
- Chain links, Hooks
- Hardening and Tempering
- Application in Tools and Tool making
- Special Projects (third day of the workshop)

The Intermediate workshop will be geared toward more advanced specific projects...knife making, axe making, forge welding, etc.  


If you are interested in either one or both of these workshops, email us for a brochure and application form.   

Here are some of the pictures from the workshops already completed. 


group around forge

          Joe at forge teaching LeRoy forge welding
The group learning a technique from Joe

joe teaching
Joe demonstrating at one of the workstations on the portable forge.