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Military and Overseas Security Contractor Orders 

Take Priority.

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Military Tactical Spike* Axe

military tac axe w sheath  military tac axe w sheath  
military tac axe w handle    military tac axe


This is a semi-modern version of the 18th Century spike hawk.  With the increased demand from our troops in the Mideast and Bosnia for spike hawks and axes, an axe has been specifically designed for their combat needs and requests. This axe was designed in cooperation with a US Navy Seal.

The rear blade/spike has a high carbon insert forge welded into it, just like the main blade of the axe.  The wide portion of the "spike" is sharpened for cutting, while the tip is flattened somewhat for prying or digging. 

As with all DeLaRonde Forge products, the head carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  

The 18" hickory handle is stained dark walnut.  An extra handle (plain) is supplied with each axe.  Replacing the handle is accomplished by dropping the new handle in from the top and pounding it tight.  No wedge is necessary.  This type of handle allows the axes to be thrown, if necessary.


Military Price:  $160.00 (Price includes sheath PLEASE SPECIFY RIGHT OR LEFT HAND) and shipping).

*At present, these axes are available to MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL ONLY.