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Military and Overseas Security Contractor Orders 

Take Priority.

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Our knives are of the finest quality.   Hand forged from high carbon steel.  

Check out some of the people who have already purchased from us:

Thank you very much sir! Thanks again for your support. I return to Mosul and the Syrian border on the 23rd of July. God Bless you all at DeLaRonde Forge. RC

The new knives are beautiful. Great job. But then you always do a wonderful job. TH

Great work on the San Diego Belduque! I will enjoy it. WC

We will not use stainless or any other exotic steels.   All our knives and axes are researched reproductions of early styles and designs and are individually hand forged using a coal forge, tempered, and finished in the traditional manner in a one-man shop.  Each knife comes with its own hand stitched leather sheath.  All the leatherwork, and engraving is done in-house.

Check out What's New and FOR SALE NOW!
If you are interested in any of the "sold" knives, just let us know and we will be happy to make one for you.


Mediterranean Dirk
Mediterranean Dirk Sold
10" blade, carved walnut handle with a handstitched/brass tack sheath
Spanish Belduque
Sold Short Belduque
7" blade, desert ironwood handle with a handstitched/tacked sheath
Accoutrement Knife
Accoutrement Knife - Sold
7 3/4" blade, overall length 12 1/2". This is a shorter version of the knife shown in the
book Accouterments by James R. Johnston on page 128
Spanish Belduque with Twisted Bolster
Spanish Belduque w twisted Bolster sold
10 1/2" engraved blade with twisted bolster desert ironwood handle and
handstitched sheath

These knives below can be ordered, just send us an email
and let us know which one you would like to order

San Diego Belduque
San Diego Belduque with Ironwood HandleSan Diego Belduque with ironwood handle close up

San Diego Belduque with bone handle
This knife was created to replicate one recently found in Old Mexico, in the
desert of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua at the Hacienda de San Diego formerly
owned by Don Luis Terrazas. The overall knife is approximately 14" long;
the blade is 10" long with the unique double bolster handle which is
4" long and made of desert ironwood or antique bone.
Long Hunters Knife
Long Hunter Knife
8 to 11" blade with antler handle and hand stitched sheath
Skinning Knife (ca. 1840's)
turtle knife w sheath
Blade 7 1/2" with a tack sheath
Dog Bone Bowie (ca 1830's)

dog bone bowie


DeLaRonde Forge creates a variety of styles of knives. The
"Dog Bone Bowie" was a popular style of the 1830's
and is reproduced here for the discriminating

L to R: 8" blade $725, 10" blade $875, 6" blade $675

Sheffield Bowie (ca 1840's)

sheffield bowe

Knives such as these were imported into this country in large numbers
during the mid to late 1800's. They were used extensively in settling the West.
Stag, bone or wood handle; nickel silver, brass or iron quillion (please specify)
6" Bowie - $450 and 8" Bowie $525
The Forrest Bowie (ca 1829)
Forrest Bowie

Now believed by many experts to be THE original Bowie Knife. In 1829, James Bowie presented this knife to Edwin Forrest, a noted actor of the period and close personal friend. (The infamous "Sandbar Duel" took place in 1827.)
The original knife sold at auction in 1997 for $145,000. The blade measures 12 3/16" x 1 11/16" with no false edge.


Spanish Belduque

beldques 3



These knives are replicas of the Spanish Belduques.
Notice the 250 layer damascus of the center belduque
and the beautiful mastadon ivory handle with the
silver pommel, a true collector's edition
L to R: 10" blade with horn handle $975
Onate Damascus Cuarto Centennario with mastadon
ivory handle ($price on request)
9" belduque with horn handle $825

All orders will be shipped Priority Mail insured.

We accept PayPal ©. Once your order is ready, we will invoice you by PayPal © to your e-mail.  Just let us know if that's what you want to do.  A small fee is added to the price of the item.