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Military and Overseas Security Contractor Orders Take Priority.

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Here is some of the correspondence we received from satisfied customers:

I'm currently conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. We even have your spike axe in our breach kit. Its been well used and has held up to all kinds of punishment. Thank you for your support. Knowing first hand the quality of your craftsmanship has motivated me to ask you for a custom tomahawk. BK

Just wanted to thank you for a great job on the axe, you captured the design and dimensions perfectly. Regards, W

...I love my spike hawk with the curly maple handle. Everyone that has seen it has gone wild over it, including people who don't really like weapons of this kind. Thanks again. JS

Got the tomahawk today. I LOVE IT!. I find the quarter turn of the spike very unique...First Quality craftsmanship. Thank you...that being said this tomahawk will probably accompany me on every training exercise and deployment I conduct from here on out. JB

I received the hawk yesterday in the mail. I just wanted to tell you what a nice job you did on it, and how much I appreciate it. The Mohawk style head is fantastic, couldn't have designed it better if you tried. The longer handle is spot on. Its the best value for the money in hand made weapons I've ever seen and I appreciate the craftsmanship! Thanks! JB

I would like to take this opportunity to express our great appreciation for the fine craftsmanship of your axes. I received mine in the mail today and was completely amazed by it. I have shown it to nearly all of the NCOs in our company who were also impressed by it. Thanks. DD

I have just received my beveled poll axe and it is a beauty. It arrived via priority mail, a pleasant surprise. I want to tell you, not only does it look terrific, like a museum piece, but feels light and alive in my large hand. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your product. I would enthusiastically recommend you to any others in search of something like this. Thank you. JN

Thank you very much for your nice work. I received the Magu Hawk this afternoon. It is very beautiful much more than I expected. Thank you again S.T./Japan

Received the Magua, its a beauty! Great feel to it. RF/Australia



The engraving on this unique piece is incredible. Note the feathers and the beautiful file work on the top of the axe, the eagle's head is roughed to look like feathers with the open beak for the bowl of the pipe. A one of a kind.

Eagle Head Pipe Tomahawk

Eagle Pipe Tomahawk Head


Below you will find a variety of axes you can order from our shop.

Each tomahawk, spike hawk and polled axe is handforged with a high carbon steel bit forge welded into the cutting edge.  These are authentic reproductions of pieces found in museums and private collections.



Notice the beautiful eagle head with the ruff and feathers and the curly maple handle.  This is a limited edition of ten.  Even though this is a limited edition, each axe is created one at a time and there will be no two alike.   As with all our axes, they carry a lifetime guarantee for head material and workmanship.  

freedom eagle axe
freedomeagle axe head freedom eagle axe head goodman


Top Spike Hawk - $120
Middle and lower Spike Hawk $

spikeaxe heads

It is believed that the spike axe is an off-
shoot of the naval boarding axe.  Its
popularity spanned from the French and Indian War period through the early
20th century. 
The approximate dimensions are:

  • Width 2 1/4"

  • Height: 7 1/2"

  • Length (handle): 16" long

  • Weight 1 lb.

    Add $25 for fancy Curly Maple handle.



(similar dimensions and weight as the spike hawks)  

magua spike axe.
$425.00 and up
(depending on engraving)
engraved spike hawk engraved spike hawk head
and up (depending on the engraving)(get a quote)
pipehawk steve
pipetomahawk head
Engraved axes and pipe hawks are available for that special award or event.  These axes are made to the same specifications as the tomahawks and axes above and carry the same guarantee.  For price quote on these custom pieces, email your requirements.

(Size is similar to spike axe)

ravenshead spike hawk no copper ravenshead close up
(ca 1700-1840's)
These polled axes are examples of the Longhunter belt axe. 
A well balanced utilitarian axe.
A medium weight axe based on the British Light Infantry axe of the Revolutionary War.
It uses the same handle as our throwing hawks.
(From left to right)

polled axes
Polled Axes (Left to Right)
Beveled Poll Axe
Narrow Poll Axe
Flared Poll Axe
Trappers Axe
Width: 2-2 1/2" Width: 2-2 1/2" Width: 2-2 1/2" Width: 3"
Height: 5-6 1/4" Height: 5-6 1/4" Height: 5-6 1/4" Height: 5 1/2"
Handle Length: 14"-16" Handle Length: 14"-16" Handle Length: 14"-16" Handle Length: 18"
Weight: 1 lb. Weight: 1 lb. Weight: 1 lb. Weight: 1 1/2 lbs.

From left to right Biscayne, French, Colonial
Small - $70 each -  Large - $80 each
throwing hawks
Throwing Hawks
Biscayne Hawk

(ca. 1600)
one of the earliest of the trade axes dating back to the early 1600's
French Hawk

(ca. 1670)
found on Lake Erie at the deCasson/Gallinee site

(ca 1700-1800's)
traded throughout North America up through the late 1800's
Width: 2 1/4" Width: 3 1/4" Width: 3 1/4"
Height: 5 1/2" Height: 5 1/4" Height: 5 1/4"
Handle Length: 18" Handle Length: 18" Handle Length: 18"
Small Weight 1 lb
Large Weight 1.5 lbs
Small Weight: 1 lb
Large Weight 1.5 lbs
Small Weight: 1 lb
Large Weight 1.5 lbs
accourtrements axe
A small belt axe of the 18th century shown in the book, Accoutrements II
  • Width: 2 1/4"

  • Height: 5"

  • Length(handle): 14".

  • Weight 1 lb  

accourtrements axe w handle
It is thought that axes like these were among the military surplus given to Lewis and Clark for the expedition of the Corps of Discovery.  Note the "US" on the blade.  Originally made for the military in the 1790's these could have gone with the Corps of Discovery on their journey.

    Width: 2 1/3"

    Height: 5"

    Length (handle) 14"

    Weight 1 lb

BAG AXE - $95.00
bag axe

The Bag Axe is considerably thinner across the eye than the polled axe and belt axe. 
It can be worn comfortably behind the shooting bag.

  • Width:2 1/4"

  • Height: 4 1/4"

  • Length(handle): 12"

  • Weight: 1 lb 

top view of axes

Notice the difference in width between the bag axe on the left and the belt axe.

All dimensions are approximate as each axe is individually hand forged.

For Curly Maple Handle for any axe, add $25.00


All the items require a shipping and handling fee of at least $14.00 for each item.   

We accept PayPal ©.
Once your order is ready, we will invoice you by PayPal© to your e-mail.  Just let us know if that's what you want to do.  A small fee is added to the price of the item.

E-mail us at DeLaRonde Forge for information, estimates and price quotes.